I’m grateful to have received some criticism recently. And that is that I’m cuckoo for believing in EFT, and that EFT is a placebo and people are “just deciding to change" and that’s why people are deluded into thinking it’s the EFT that’s doing the job, and that it’s not scientific. Well, that person is right about the decision part (and possibly the cuckoo part too ;-) at the very least.

For one thing, every healing technique, including modern western medicine covered by OHIP, has a huge element of placebo effect facilitating the healing. So I can’t argue about that. I’ve been told that EFT works for people who don’t believe it too, which seems to suggest that it’s not pure placebo.

EFT essentially facilitates a *very deep decision* to change how we approach the issue at hand in our life. Left to the “natural” way of making this decision is generally *not* a decision that is casually or easily made.

The “natural” way of such deep decisions is accidental, facilitated unconsciously by painful circumstances accumulating and forcing us to a breaking point where it’s approaching the “decide or die” point. In that case, this kind of deep decision has been created by a very painful crisis or another deep trauma. Believe me I’ve had a lot of those. If I kept waiting for those things to happen I’d run out of lifetime (perhaps sooner than expected) before I get myself where I want to be. The stress of it would probably kill me eventually.

EFT puts *you* in far more immediate conscious control of those deep decisions. Why wait for the crisis? You can take that very deep lesson sooner and less painfully with this process. (Note: EFT is not the only way to do this, but it is one of the most predictably powerful tools I’ve ever seen).

If you’re curious to see scientific evidence about the effectiveness of EFT you can find it at http://www.emofree.com/articles.aspx?id=22. I personally haven’t bothered because I can see the evidence right before my eyes every time I do a session.

Come to the seminar and see for yourself.
Scott Mooney
Emotional Freedom and
Personal Breakthrough Coach