Emotional Blocks are Holding You Back Right Now!

You know how you just never seem to get to that one key thing that you know you "should" do?

... How somehow you have time to watch your favorite TV show but you just can't manage to find time to make that one seemingly simple step towards your success?

This is called a block, or more specifically, an emotional block. Us humans are full of these emotional blocks and they can be pretty tricky in how they keep us from taking that one, or two, or fifty small steps we're afraid to take towards what we really want... even if what we really want is to clarify what it is we really want!

So how do you get yourself to take those steps?

One way is you could force yourself to take that one step. That tactic may work now and again, or it could be so emotionally strenuous or even traumatizing that you strongly avoid taking that step ever again.

Or, you could gently and rapidly remove the emotional blocks so that it's easy for you to take such life sustaining steps again and again with ease. If this is how you'd rather do it, I can help you do that. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is highly effective in removing emotional blocks for most people. And the cool thing is, we can do it over the phone, so I can help you from anywhere in the world!

One session is up to an hour long for $75.

Scroll down to the Rates section below to see the discounted packages I offer.

Scott Mooney
Personal Breakthrough and
Emotional Freedom Coach

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