EFT Disclaimers

It’s important to note...
Although EFT tends to have incredible therapeutic effects, I as a practitioner am not designated as a therapist. I come at this from a personal development coaching approach and have no institutional training as a psychological therapist. I’m not a doctor or a scientist. EFT is a healing art, in its highest form it's a combination of methodology and intuition.

Although it can very often have profound effects on both physical and emotional healing, EFT is not a replacement for sound medical care. Further to that, EFT can be used to support and enhance your professional medical care. Growing numbers of therapists, nurses, energy healers, and other health practitioners are adopting EFT as one very powerful aspect of their professional practice.

Self Healing with EFT
The EFT Cheat Sheet and mini-course I offer above is a very basic introduction of the process and by no means teaches you all there is to know about using EFT to its full potential. Results are not guaranteed, yet many people have used this basic information alone to help ease pain and eliminate simple emotional blocks. For deep healing of major issues like serious diseases, addictions, serious disorders, and trauma it is important to benefit from one-on-one coaching with an experienced practitioner, and preferably under the supervision of a doctor. You can even further benefit in your EFT sessions by obtaining more formal training in the EFT process, which you can find via these links;
6 hour home study crash course gets you your EFT level 1
Extensive Training DVDs
EFT for abundance issues

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