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Individual sessions are about an hour and are $125. As you know, a single session is great for alleviating a crisis. So what about the roots of this crisis? How many times will they sprout another crisis? And how are those roots affecting other aspects of your life? Imagine how fast you could grow and do what you want without those particular roots holding you back.

To remedy this I’ve created longer term coaching packages that allow us to bring about radical dramatic and surprisingly painless personal transformation.

Package 1: The Starter Package
Six sessions: This allows you to make a really good start into Identifying core issues and taking them down in intensity.
Price: $675 (savings of $75, 10% off the regular rate)

Package 2: Deep Change
Twelve sessions. This is where you really begin to see some big changes in a hurry. Whatever has been holding you down in your life has experienced some major smoothing and releasing. With the friction subsided chances are you’ll not only be feeling great relief of pain, but you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised at the ease with which you accomplish some things that were far more difficult before.
Price: $1200 (Savings of $300, 20% off)

Package 3: Radical Transformation
24 sessions. This is the complete life change package. If you’re really sick of your issues getting in your way and are dedicated to turning your life around in a radical way, this is the package for you. You may choose to do two sessions each week to fast-track your progress. My clients who take advantage of this format experience major positive transformations very rapidly.
Price: $2250 (savings of $750, 25% off)

These packages generally require full payment before starting to create commitment and to get the money part out of the way so we can focus on our coaching work without distraction. Please note that these prices are subject to change in the near future, and once you’re booked your rates are locked in.

Give yourself this gift. For one thing, you deserve it. For another thing, you may find it to be one of the greatest investments in your lifetime.
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